Windows Baseline Quiz

This baseline quiz is to help figure out where you stand on the knowledge of the Windows operating system.

  1. The user is having trouble closing the web browser. After attempting to close the browser, the program has become unresponsive. Which would be the best course of action to take next?

  2. Which program is best suitable for locating files and folders?

  3. Which file extension is appropriate for an application?

  4. Where would an administrator be able to set a password length and history?

  5. A new hire has joined the company. The systems administrator must add the new hire to receive access to the computer network. Which program must the systems administrator use to give the new hire the ability to login to all the computers on the company network?

  6. Which of these programs is built-in to Windows?

  7. Which is the default web browser that is preinstalled with Windows?

  8. Where can an administrator set an auditing policy

  9. Where would an administrator find all the drivers for the hardware connected to the computer?

  10. Which service would allow a user to login to a Windows computer remotely?

  11. What is the cloud service that is built-in to Windows?

  12. What is the default system of Windows?

  13. Which of the following is true?

  14. In Windows, there is a feature that shows all the control panel settings into a single place called GodMode.

  15. Windows does not have a built-in firewall. However, Microsoft provides a free version that must be downloaded from their website.